Why your son should learn a new language

Learning a new language provides a child with so much more than simply the ability to speak the language. Australia is such a multicultural country, it encourages children to broaden their minds and immerse themselves in another culture.

Here are five reasons why your son should learn a new language:

It’s easier: We all know a child’s brain is like a sponge, which is why it is so much easier to learn a new language when you are younger, as discussed by Patricia Kuhl, TEDx presenter.

Boosts cultural awareness: Learning a new language gives your son awareness of other cultures and teaches him how to communicate with others. It also teachers empathy, understanding and respect for other cultures.

Improves communication: When children have to learn a new way of speaking, listening, reading and writing, it has a positive influence on their own native language. It creates an awareness of language learning and improves literacy skills.

Good for brain development: Learning a language is challenging and requires sophisticated reasoning to understand the world. It can improve memory (offsetting the onset of dementia by up to five years), perception, higher-order thinking and problem-solving.

Improves academic performance: Studies show that children who learn a new language achieve consistently better results in school across all subjects and develop literacy skills earlier.

Learning a second language requires hard work, practice and commitment. If you are considering a second language for your son, learn what language will benefit him the most.

At Christ Church Grammar School, we recognise the importance of learning a second language in today’s global society and offer a range of languages for students to choose from.


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