How parents can be positive role models

A role model is someone who influences others by being an example. For most children, the most significant role models are their parents and caregivers. As parents, it’s impossible not to have an influence on your child. Your son will look at your example – good or bad – as a pattern for the way life is to be lived.

We’ve put together some helpful tips on how you can be a positive role model for your son:

Model respect for others
How do you treat your friends, family members and neighbours? Would you hold the door for someone at the store? How would you speak about someone that’s different to you?

Your son learns how to treat others by watching your example. The way you speak and and what you speak about will influence their values, so choose your words wisely when you’re discussing other people. Your tone of voice and choice of words need to indicate respect for differences and tolerance toward all people.

Practise positive communication skills
How do you use your words? Is it to argue with others, or to encourage them? Words are so powerful. If you are consistently demonstrating negative language, your son will pick up on it, whereas if you use positive and helpful language, then he will do the same.

Be mindful of how and when you communicate. Especially in a conversation with your son, give him your complete attention and respect his thoughts. By modelling this, you are teaching him to do the same for others. Even when he misbehaves, don’t bully him with harsh words or threats, encourage and inspire him to be better in a neutral manner and with helpful suggestions.

Teach the value of health
A good way you can be a positive role model to your son is to teach him the value of health health. At home, demonstrate what it means to live a healthy life. Sit down and share healthy meals; go for a jog or a bike ride, instead of sitting in front of the television regularly. As parents, take care of yourself – get enough sleep, make time to exercise and eat good food. When you are eating properly and exercising regularly, not only does this improve your own life but it sets the example for your son as well.

Be dependable
Raising up a dependable young man starts at home. You don’t want your son to be unreliable and let other people down, so modelling dependability is critical. Modelling dependability means coming through for your child, instead of letting work or other obligations always come first.

Children can pick out hypocrisy easily, and so as a positive role model, it’s important to say what you mean and mean what you say. Back up your words with visible and concrete action in order to be someone of integrity and value.

Be generous
As a family, make it a habit to go out into the community to volunteer your time and talents. This is a great way to build family unity, teamwork skills and develop a generous heart within your son. When you are charitable, you are teaching your son to consider and meet the needs of others.

What example are you setting for your son? By following these tips, you can be confident that your are a positive role model for your son and help to develop a young man of integrity.

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