Why you should teach boys a second language at a young age

Learning a second language is a gateway to many wonderful and unique experiences that benefit boys throughout their lives. Not only is learning a second language at a young age easier to grasp, it gives boys access to cross-cultural friendships, more career opportunities, exciting adventures and a deeper understanding of the world.

Here is why you should teach boys a second language at a young age:

1. Wider connections
Our world is increasingly diverse and multi-cultural. By learning a second language, boys can communicate with an entire group of people, or even an entire nation. For example, if they learn to speak Mandarin, they will be able to talk to more than a billion people worldwide.

2. Enhanced cognitive development
Brain scans show that bilingual people have more grey matter in the regions of their brain that are involved in executive function, and this may explain why they excel in tasks that require multi-tasking and focus. New studies even show that babies who are exposed to different languages develop different cognitive patterns. It is thought that practicing and using different languages can help boys exercise their mental capabilities and improve their focus.

3. Improved native language skills
Your son’s capability to understand a foreign language allows him to improve on his native language too. Research has shown that children who study another language understand their own language better than their peers. Bilingual children also start to develop their reading skills earlier and are able to identify grammatically incorrect sentences in their native language better than monolinguals.

4. Increased empathy
Research has found that children in multilingual environments have more experiences that give them an opportunity to think in another person’s perspective. They need to understand the context of the messages that are conveyed to them in a different language, increasing their understanding and empathy towards other others.

Learning a second language at a young age will help your son learn better, communicate further and understand deeper. At Christ Church Grammar School, boys have the opportunity to learn a second language as part of their curriculum. To learn more, download our Prospectus.