What is pedagogy and why is it important in motivating boys

Pedagogy is a term that is often-misunderstood or misinterpreted, often due to the fact that there are a variety of ways in which pedagogy can be defined. Some describe it as what educators do to influence learning in their students, while others explain it as how teachers communicate content. Simply put, pedagogy is the art and science of teaching – it is how a teacher connects with, teaches and guides their students. Pedagogy in education is important in motivating boys to learn.

A teacher’s pedagogical approach can be shaped by different factors – their own teaching preferences, their past experiences, the current classroom dynamics and the culture of the school.

Pedagogy is important because when it is practiced well, it can be the catalyst to motivating students to learn. Education experts suggest that good pedagogical processes can improve the quality of teaching, which in turn improves a student’s ability to learn and effectively grasp knowledge.

Pedagogy plays a key role in motivating boys through a number of ways:

1. Connection

Good pedagogical practices ensure that a teacher can relate to their students. Quality educators understand the importance of building relationships; connection is a key part of a teacher’s pedagogical approach. Boys will develop respect towards their teacher and strive to work hard – even if the standards and expectations placed on them are high.

2. Education

Good pedagogy motivates boys because a carefully considered approach allows teachers to establish the academic abilities of each individual student and inspire them to progress regardless of their capabilities. These teachers can communicate complex ideas and concepts in such a way that every student can understand. This importantly creates meaningful classroom interactions and encourages a co-operative learning environment.

3. Inspiration

Teaching is an art and a specific pedagogy for each school is essential in motivating boys. A good teacher, using their own unique teaching style is able to shift student perceptions towards a specific subject or learning in general. An individual pedagogical approach creates learning environments where pupils are engaged; fostering a love of learning. It is through pedagogy – the way teachers relate to, educate and inspire students – that boys will be motivated to take ownership of their own learning.

Christ Church Grammar School was innovative in establishing its own Centre for Pedagogy, dedicated to teacher development and enhancement.Our specific Christ Church Pedagogy is an aligned, whole school approach, which includes the ways teachers, parents, boys and school leaders can work together to motivate boys to be their best. To learn more about pedagogy at Christ Church Grammar School, download our Pedagogy Handbook.

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