What are the benefits of the Arts for your son

As the significance of the Arts has increased, the benefits for students in life and learning are being recognised. The Conversation declares how the Arts, including; Dance, Drama, Media Art, Music and Visual Arts, now sit alongside major subjects in the Australian Curriculum.

The subjects are a learning process that combine play, investigation, experimentation, creativity and expression, as defined by Robyn Ewing.

The benefits of the Arts for your son include:

Academic performance
The Australia Council for the Arts have found many academic outcomes for students who participate in the Arts, including motivation, homework completion, class participation, school enjoyment and educational inspirations.

Importantly, the Council also found that participation in the Arts can broaden personal wellbeing by enhancing self-esteem, confidence, life satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

Not only do art-rich experiences benefit boys academically, they are also beneficial socially. The Arts subjects require team work, collaboration and communication.

Problem solving
Researchers have found that the Arts give students the tools to find creative, collaborative and imaginative solutions to solve problems. They can make something new by accessing a different perspective and using the language of the Arts.

At Christ Church, we focus on the Arts to ignite our boys’ creativity and imagination, preparing them for 21st century challenges.