Ways to help your boy switch off and sleep better

Sleeplessness is a very typical sign that something may be bothering your son. We all struggle to switch off, relax and sleep when we have something on our mind. Sleep is essential for a growing boy and a lack of sleep can raise a number of issues including anxiety and health problems.

As suggested by Psych Central, here are ways to help your boy switch off and sleep better at night:

  • Encourage your son to practise mindfulness mediation before bedtime to help let go of his thoughts from the day. Focusing on the positives of the day can help relax the mind before sleep.
  • During the day, your son could write down things that are worrying him in an attempt to help him release them from his conscious.
  • Turn off all his electronics at least one hour before bedtime. The light stimulates cortisol, the hormone that wakes us up in the morning. Even the light of one screen can keep the brain ‘switched on’.
  • Have a hot shower or bath to aid relaxation. Studies show that bathing in hot water before bed can help you fall asleep faster and experience better sleep.
  • Reading is a great way to calm the body and brain before sleep - research suggests it can reduce stress by up to 68 percent.
  • Exercising regularly helps with sleep as it reduces anxiety and releases endorphins - the happy hormone.
  • Encourage a bedtime ritual for your boy and make it something he does routinely before going to bed to let his brain know it is time to sleep.

Boys need plenty of sleep to be healthy and to able to perform at their best every day. Learn how The Wynne Centre for Boys’ Health and Wellbeing can help teach boys to incorporate mindfulness meditation into their bedtime routine.

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