The importance of mindfulness for boys

Mindfulness does wonders for a child’s wellbeing. According to Smiling Mind, scientific research has proven that mindfulness assists with the management of pain and stress, helps to build resilience and compassion, improves focus in the classroom and fosters creativity and collaboration. 

Mindfulness is often taught in the classroom and through a school's pastoral care program. However, it is also important that mindfulness be encouraged at home and in everyday life to enable boys to deal with challenges in different situations. 

Maggie Dent highlights the importance of mindfulness for boys and advises how to foster it within your family.

Creating calm

A calm home will help your son to cope with challenges better, which ultimately helps him to be healthier and happier. Serotonin is one of the most powerful antidepressant hormones as it has a calming effect on the nervous system and on boys' moods and behaviours. When children feel safe and loved, they will produce healthy levels of serotonin.

Avoid rushing

Parents who are rushed and stressed can cause anxiety in their son. Always plan ahead and leave earlier where necessary. Putting in place schedules, lists, rosters and reminders will help avoid those last-minute stresses. 

Slow down

Lead by example and try to walk slower, talk slower and be more present. There may be times when, as a parent, you will need to step back and assess if there are commitments in your life that need to be removed to be a calmer and more present parent for your son, particularly in the early years.

Be comfortable with quiet

A calm and quiet home can help your son feel safe, lower his stress levels and encourage him to spend time in his own company. Scheduling quiet times in your house will help your family to consciously take time out.

Go outside

Going outside for picnics, hanging out at the beach or walking in the park offers many benefits. Being in nature has a unique restorative quality that can trigger mindfulness with minimal effort.

At Christ Church Grammar School, we place a strong emphasis on mindfulness and personal and spiritual development. Click here to learn about how our Wynne Centre for Boys' Health and Wellbeing supports the development of good mental health and wellbeing for boys.