The impact of the digital age on your son

Part of our role as educators and parents is to teach children to be responsible consumers of technology, educate them on the concept of cyber safety and what are appropriate and inappropriate uses of technology. It is also important to explain to children why they have screen time limits.

The impact of the digital age on childrens’ lives is constantly changing and as parents and guardians, we are responsible for helping boys to maintain healthy technology usage through this important part of their lives.

Whilst technological advancements benefit boys' lives in so many ways, they also have negative implications as thought by Huffington Post. Such as over stimulation, over reliance on technology, disruption to family structure, lack of physical activity and reduced real life social interactions.

Here are some tips to ensure a positive impact of the digital age on your son, as discovered by researchers:

  • Be actively involved in monitoring what your son looks at online, on TV and what video games he plays, and with who.
  • Balance time spent on technology with time spent on physical activity and outdoors.
  • Make sure what he is watching is age appropriate and limit screen time.
  • Observe how your son uses interactive media. Research suggests it can have a positive influence on children, promoting pro-social behavior and increasing visual intelligence to enrich his educational experience.
  • If your son is introverted, technology may suit him to learn positive social skills in a more comfortable environment.

Christ Church Grammar School encourages a healthy and balanced use of technology. Through The Wynne Centre for Boys’ Health and Wellbeing, students and families of Christ Church are empowered on ways to help minimise the harmful effects of the digital age. Interested in learning more? See this useful resource.


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