The benefits of sport for your son

Research indicates that sport has a positive impact on childrens psychological and social wellbeing. Sport encourages commitment, control and challenge which enhances a child’s ‘psychological hardiness’, defined by Maddi and Kobasa. If a child is committed to a task, they will have greater control over their environment.

The many benefits of sport for your son, as suggested by UQ sport, include:

Camarderie and teamwork
Sport gives boys a feeling of belonging, ample opportunity to make friends and a support network to lean on. Bonding, co-operation, and support result from working as part of a team.

Integrity and resilience
Boys need to learn to lose graciously. In sport they can discover how to balance competitiveness and display integrity with good sportsmanship.

Research reinforces that achievement, self-improvement and socialising with team mates, will build your son’s confidence and encourage him to reach his goals.

Stress reduction
Being physically active produces endorphins, the happy hormone, and helps boys to clear their minds and relax.

An improvement in health
Sport and fitness importantly builds strength, improves coordination and increases physical ability to keep your son healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Participating in sport should be thoroughly encouraged inside and outside of school to help your son be healthy, relaxed and confident. Learn how we champion sport at Christ Church with our winning Preparatory and Senior co-curricular programs.