The benefits of co-curricular activities for your son

School is more than an avenue for learning. It is where your son can hone his abilities, personality and social skills, all of which are important throughout his life. This is why co-curricular activities, such as sports teams and hobby clubs, are an integral part of the school curriculum.

Here are the benefits of co-curricular activities for your son:

Develop social skills
As your son recognises what he wants to do and engage in, he will be able to connect with like-minded peers and develop his social skills. Sharing fun experiences with friends will improve his interaction with people and he will become more comfortable with them.

Improve self-confidence
By engaging in co-curricular activities, your son will be challenged to improve his skills and abilities, and when he succeeds, his level of self-confidence will improve. Having a newfound sense of self-confidence can lead to the development of sportsmanship, leadership and competitive spirit, all of which are essential life skills.

Instil responsibility
Co-curricular activities require time management, multi-tasking, and foresight. Your son can exercise more discipline and become more responsible with all of his actions.

Encourage creativity and talent
Co-curricular activities enable self-discovery and allow your son to express himself freely. He can come up with more ingenious ideas and solutions as he tackles his interests with like-minded peers.

Stress relief
By shifting his focus onto co-curricular activities, your son can take a break from academic commitments and become more relaxed as he engages in activities he loves; relieving his stress and pressure.

Offer career opportunities
The talents developed and found within his interests can become important in his working career as an adult. Employers often give preference to students who are active outside the school’s core curriculum.

By engaging in co-curricular activities, he starts to identify who he really is and where he belongs. Find out what co-curricular activities are on offer for your son at Christ Church Grammar School.