Strategies for time management

Time management is a continuous challenge for us as adults as our lives become busier. This is increasingly the case for your son, that’s why it’s important to teach him time management strategies as early as possible so he can be prepared and get the most from his time.

As suggested by Marydee Sklar, here are some time management strategies:

A good routine: We all need routine in our lives to function efficiently. Our bodies, especially our brains, love routine. Try to establish this at home by having set times for the following:

• Waking up
• After-school snack
• Homework
• Free time
• Bedtime

Calendar for the family: A nice way to teach time management at home, which includes the entire family, is to use a printed monthly calendar. As a family, write down all your shared commitments and events and keep the list in an obvious place like the kitchen so everyone can refer to it and use it for future planning.

Individual weekly planner: Encourage your son to use a weekly planner or the calendar on his phone. Using the family calendar, you can advise him to mark the family dates in his personal calendar and also note down his individual commitments. Encourage him to add times and locations, colour code and get into a good habit of looking at this every day.

To-do lists: It’s obvious but there is much value and satisfaction in creating a list and ticking it off, as verified by Trello. Your son can see what he needs to accomplish and estimate the time it will take to achieve each task.

At Christ Church Grammar School, we encourage boys to manage their time efficiently so they can manage their busy and rewarding school schedules. We provide all the starting out information boys and parents will need so together you can implement time management strategies for your son.