Signs your boy is a natural leader

As a parent, you wish only the best for your son, and that he is happy in life. For many parents this means a strong, confident and independent individual; all leadership qualities that you aspire your son to possess. However not all leaders are the loudest in the class as Inc advises. Here are 12 other signs your son is a natural leader, as suggested by Forbes.

  1. He has character. He is always willing to do the right thing, despite the repercussions, with honesty and integrity.
  2. He can give others credit when it is due. He encourages others to shine around him, endorsing their ability, demonstrating he is a ‘we’ person rather than an ‘I’ person.
  3. He can relate to others. He is empathetic and understands peoples emotions; what they might be going through and how that can affect them.
  4. He asks for help. He accepts help from others in his weaker areas to complete a task efficiently and to the highest standard.
  5. He listens well. He is approachable and listens when people talk.
  6. He is responsible. He isn’t afraid to act when action is required.
  7. He adapts to change. Natural leaders are always on the lookout for better ways to do what they do. They are ever-evolving.
  8. He remains calm. He can remain calm and smile during a crisis, obstacle or challenge.
  9. He is optimistic. He is a ‘glass half-full’ personality, who believes there is a solution to every problem.
  10. He has respect for others. He treats everyone equally, fairly and with respect.
  11. He lends a hand. He loves helping others and doesn’t expect anything in return. He is focused on completing the task at hand.
  12. He has clear goals that he would like to achieve and is passionate about, regardless of his environment or opinions of those around him.

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