Making the most of remote learning

For some students the transition from the classroom to a remote learning environment will be a significant and challenging task. During this process it is crucial that your son is able to maintain good habits in order to continue to achieve a high level of academic success.

Here are a few tips for effective remote learning:

Be Organised

Ensure your son has plenty of time to wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast and get himself ready for the first lesson of the day. Having a solid structure to the day will help your son stay motivated and focussed on the task at hand.

Set Up Your Space

It is important that you and your son create an environment that will foster effective learning. A functional workspace - free from any unwanted distractions - will ensure that your son is able to stay motivated and productive throughout the day.

Make sure your son’s workspace is located in a quiet but open area, that he has access to a power source and a stable internet connection and that any unnecessary devices are turned off and put in another room.

Manage Your Time

Whilst lessons will still continue on their regular schedule, your son will need to make the most of his increased autonomy in order to stay on top of his studies. Allocating the appropriate amount of time to prepare for tasks will keep your son on track and prevent him from cramming and facing last minute stress.

Take Breaks

Encourage your son to look after his overall health and wellbeing by taking a break every hour or so on top of his regular exercise. Taking regular breaks throughout the day will allow him to stretch his legs and refresh his mind, making it easier for your son to maintain focus during his classes.

Eat Well

Eating plenty of healthy ‘brain food’ to power your son’s body and mind is crucial. Keeping his energy levels up will mean your son is able to give as much attention to the final lesson of the day as he did the first.

The shift to remote learning will undoubtedly present novel challenges to you and your son, but it also represents an opportunity for your son to develop his discipline, perseverance and organisational skills. By implementing strategies to reduce distractions and maximise effective learning, your son can set himself up to succeed in a remote learning environment.

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