How you can teach your son to say no

The ability to say no under different circumstances is an essential skill that boys should learn from an early age. It enables boys to evade negative situations, develop self-respect and self-awareness, become more assertive and gain independence. There are many benefits to your son knowing how and when to say no. If you can teach your son to say no and guide him in difficult situations, this will assist inn better and faster decision-making in the future.

Here’s how you can teach your son to say no.

1. Respecting boundaries

This is a crucial step in learning to say no. You should teach your son that everyone has personal boundaries and expectations that must be protected and respected at all times. Psych Central explains that the best way to teach this is by example — explain and show your boundaries when you interact with different people. Instead of creating limitations for your son, help and encourage him to set-up boundaries himself so that he will feel more confident with his decisions.

2. Self-ownership

Self-ownership is the concept of property of one’s own person. Everyone has the moral and natural right to body integrity and the exclusive control of one’s own life. Let your son know that he has ownership over his own body, his own choices, his personal experiences and what he feels comfortable with.

3. Empowerment

Resist the urge to answer for your son. Give him the opportunity to speak out for himself so that he can feel empowered. Discuss with him moral values and think about scenarios where he will need to make decisions for himself. An open discussion about real-life lessons can also give your son added perspective about the consequences of his decisions.

4. Trusting his own feelings

Children do have a heightened sense of intuition. This kind of intuition can help inform and warn them about inherent dangers that may lie ahead. Give your son the opportunity to follow his own instincts and trust his own feelings. You can have regular talks about how he feels in different day-to-day scenarios if you are concerned about his judgements.

Guidance and practice will help boys develop their own self-awareness and align with their true feelings, helping it become second nature as their confidence grows. 

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