How to re-establish routine after holidays

School holidays are usually a time for boys to relax, refresh, socialise, complete holiday projects, and participate in activities they might not have time for during the school term. Usual family rules that exist during school term might be bent or removed during school holidays.

According to The Psych Professionals, routine is important to children as it makes their life predictable, helps them to feel safe and reduces anxiety. It can also aid in the development of self-confidence and independence.

So, how do you reinforce rules and re-establish routine after holidays?

Bed times

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 9 to 11 hours of sleep per night for primary school students, and 8 to 10 hours of sleep for high school students. Some families find it beneficial to revert back to school bed times in the last few days of holidays to help boys get back into routine before the new term starts.

Jobs and checklists

Boys should have tasks they need to complete in the evening and in the morning before leaving for school, and these should be the same each day to establish routine. The size and importance of these tasks should grow with age, but it is important for all boys to be responsible for parts of the ‘getting ready’ process. Speak to your son about tasks they can complete, and if your son finds it helpful, make a checklist with them so that they can tick off each task as they go.


Holidays can be a time for treats, whether they be games, television, junk food, or all of the above. Re-establish school term rules that you have surrounding these treats and explain to your son how their place will change now that they are back to school.

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