How to manage stress during exam periods

School exams can bring about periods of stress and anxiety for students. Headspace suggest that to reduce stress and ensure you are as organised as you can be, you need to plan, look after yourself and stay focused.

Below we identify five tips on how to manage stress during exam periods.

1. Acknowledge your feelings

Be aware of how you are feeling, and if you are feeling stressed, take a break and speak to someone who will understand and listen.

2. Avoid comparing yourself

Conversations with your peers about exams, knowledge and preparation can cause high levels of stress as it can leave you feeling unprepared. Find study methods that work best for you and avoid worrying about what others are doing.

 3. Eat, exercise and sleep well

Providing your brain with the fuel it needs to concentrate during this period is important. Eat fruit and vegetables and avoid too much coffee and chocolate. Always get eight hours of sleep and exercise to destress and reduce physical tension.

4. Reward yourself

Find treats that will motivate you to complete your revision work. This could include watching an episode of your favourite television show or spending time outside kicking a football with some friends. Plan a special activity after the end of exams to give you something to look forward to.

5. Maintain perspective

While exams are important, worrying about them will cause unnecessary stress. Do the best that you can and try not to lose perspective.

Smiling Mind suggest that understanding and focusing on mindfulness can assist with managing stress, developing emotional resilience, enhancing creativity, enhancing decision making and problem solving, and building a sense of calm, clarity and contentment – all of which are necessary during exams.

At Christ Church Grammar School, we place a strong emphasis on mindfulness in our Personal and Spiritual Development Program, as we understand the importance of your son’s wellbeing and mental health.