How to extend learning beyond the classroom

Traditional classroom learning has its own share of pros and cons as not everything can be learned within the confines of a room, and with a group of other children as Spencer Hendricks explains. Learning is a continuous process, and parents play an important role in guiding their son’s education outside of school.

Here are ways to extend your son’s learning beyond the classroom:

Set up a study corner at home
Encourage your son to pursue learning at home by setting up an inviting space where he can read about his interests and pursue creative projects. Set up a desk, chair, and drawer with educational reading materials and school supplies.

Make learning part of your bonding time
Study periods are important for your son, and you can improve his experience by allotting a portion of your time to study together. You can start by reading books and watching documentaries together. Your presence and willingness to help will benefit him in dealing with the difficulties of learning.

Establish real-world connections for his school lessons
Help your son find the relevance of his classroom learning with the world around him by capturing daily experiences that relate to his lessons. For example, in the supermarket, you can talk about maths; and add up your purchases, or compare prices and value to put his learning into context.

Guide him how to use the internet as an educational platform
There are many educational sources and research on the internet. Remind your son that reliable information does not always come from Wikipedia and social media, and that there are many websites that share verified and peer-reviewed information on a daily basis. If he has a particular topic that he’s interested in, you can browse the internet together to find and save relevant sources.

Discover Christ Church Grammar School’s approach to learning inside the classroom, so you can best support your son’s learning beyond the classroom.


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