Encourage your son to set goals for the new year

The new year is a great time to educate your son on the power of setting goals - an extremely valuable life skill to teach children, according to Jon Sundt. It presents an opportunity to discuss what the future holds and plan for positive growth and change together as a family.

Here are four steps to help encourage your son to set goals:

Educate your son on what goal setting is

Sit down with your son and explain what some of your goals for the New Year might be. Then ask him his. Try to ensure they are realistic and attainable so he isn’t discouraged right away. Some examples might be to become better at Math, a faster runner, or attain a higher cadet rank.

How will he achieve his goals

Map out exactly what is required of him to achieve his goals. Using the example of becoming a faster runner. Go out together and find out what his current time is. Then, together look at little improvements you can make over time to improve his speed. It could be small diet changes or new running practises.

Log his progress

Have your son log his time on each occasion. Seeing his improvement over time will encourage him to become better at it, but also to set other goals for the future.

Lead by example

You are on this journey as a family so it is important that your son sees you setting and tracking your goals too, even if you don’t succeed at improving all of the time - there is a valuable life lesson in that.

Aspiring to new heights is vital to life’s progession and success. Visit our school website to discover whats on offer at Christ Church and how we can support your son in achieving his goals.


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