Four essential strategies to help manage stress

Stress is a common part of life. According to Reach Out, stress is a natural response to challenging situations and can even be helpful in small doses. Stress can energise you and make you more switched on and capable of dealing with difficult situations. However, too much stress over an extended period of time can be difficult to deal with.

 Some of the more common issues that tend to cause stress for young people are:

  • Relationship challenges, including family, friends or partners
  • Academic pressures, assignment deadlines and exams
  • Difficult living experience
  • Financial stress
  • Unrealistic expectations of themselves or others
  • Taking on too much at one time.

As a parent, your goal should ultimately be to help your son manage, rather than avoid, stress. Here are four essential strategies to help manage stress:

 1. Time management

Time management can play a key part in reducing your son’s stress levels. By being organised and managing time effectively, your son is able to allocate sufficient time to action and provide solutions to issues that are causing him stress. For example, if your son is feeling anxious about an upcoming exam, help him to allocate one hour a day to review his class notes in order to prepare for the exam.

 2. Healthy behaviour

Developing healthy habits can do wonders to reduce your son’s stress levels. Eating healthy foods, having sufficient sleep and getting enough exercise will help to improve your son’s mental health. Being active is especially important as it burns up the stress hormone ‘cortisol,’ helping the body to relax.


 3. Social activities

Socialising can really help to better your son’s mental health. This is because interacting with others can boost positive emotions and decrease feelings of depression. Raising Children support that one sure way of improving your mood is to work on building social connections with others. Being part of a friend network will give your son a sense of belonging and self-worth, which can help him during tough times.

 4. Pursue interests

When it comes to reducing stress, encourage your son to do the things he enjoys. Have him take his mind off his worries by participating in enjoyable activities, whether it’s listening to music, reading or playing sport. Trying something new or learning a new craft can also give him a goal to work towards and allow him to experience a great sense of achievement.

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